Value: Economic and Social

Economic Value: The economic value of the Scooter Swipe system comes from the revenue it will receive. Revenue from the scooter swipe system with come from institutional subsidies (Ohio State) and the student fees for the Scooter Swipe plan. Institutional subsidies would come from Ohio State and their plan with the scooter company to receive customized OSU scooters and the ability for the use of BuckIDs to ride the scooters. This plan would also enable only OSU students to ride the scooters. Student fees would come from students purchasing the ‘scooter swipes’ plan at the beginning of each semester and/or academic year. In order to increase revenue and expand to other markets, the device that allows students to swipe their BuckID could also be utilized to allow users to swipe another forms of payment, such as a debit or credit card. This would allow people to be able to ride the scooters even if they have not purchased a scooter swipe plan. This type of scooter swipe plan can also be expanded to other large universities so that their students also have the opportunity to ride scooters between classes using only their student IDs in order to optimize their time between classes.

Social Value: The social value of the Scooter Swipe system comes from the benefit it serves for students at Ohio State. By being able to optimize students time between classes, the system provides social value by saving time for students between classes, lowering stress on students rushing between classes, less students late to class, and meeting the needs of all students.