Economic and Social Value

Economic Value: At first, D.O.B.P.S. needs initial funding for increased research and development. From there, the biggest cost comes from retrofitting parking garages with the tracks and finding a manufacturer that will produce the units. Once the units are installed, revenue will be generated by increasing the cost of parking in a garage by roughly 25 cents. With how often the parking garages are used, the start up costs can be repaid rather quickly and a profit will be made proportionally to the usage of the garage. After the units are in place and have been operating for awhile, wear and tear will inevitably occur to the system. A maintenance staff would be hired and trained in order to perform the repairs, or they could be outsourced back to the manufacturer depending on the cost. With a modular design such as D.O.B.P.S., the idea can easily be spread to other universities as well as the general population with only minor customizations to the base model to fit the client needs.

Social Value: The biggest social impact of the D.O.B.P.S system comes from reducing the amount of time and significant stress spent on finding a parking spot.  It will also improve the public perception of CampusParc, which is currently extraordinarily low. By taking steps to improve the parking experience, CampusParc sets itself up for future success and growth by having a satisfied customer base.  For the day-to-day user, D.O.B.P.S. would eliminate the daily stress associated with parking and allow students, instructors, and visitors to focus on the reason they are on campus.  For students, D.O.B.P.S. allows a student to focus on their studies, not on their commute.  For faculty and staff, D.O.B.P.S. allows for a faster parking time, cutting down on their daily commute.  For visitors to the campus, an easy parking environment creates a welcoming first impression. By having more free time and less stress, users will be able to spend time on other more important things and wasting less time on the mundane.