Design Concepts

Brief Concept Description:

Introducing the Robot Butler -D.O.B.P.S.

Utilizing a robot butler system mounted on ceiling tracks to guide drivers to the most efficient available parking space would make use of the existing infrastructure with minimal additions, namely installing the track for the robot butlers.  Users would enter a garage as they do currently, and be directed to follow the next ‘butler’ on the closed-loop track overhead. The butler would travel along its tracks until it reached an available parking space, directing the vehicle following it to pull in by flashing indicator lights on the right or left side of the butler.  The butler would then continue on the closed-loop path and join the end of the queue of butlers awaiting the next vehicle entering the garage. By eliminating the human component of looking for a space and replacing it with a smart system that can guide a user directly to an open space, the user spends less time searching for a space, the carbon footprint of the garage is reduced by lowering vehicle idle time, and the process of parking is made less stressful for users.