ITS Description

The drone will delivery food to hungry customers late into the night. The drone with leave the dining area once the food has been loaded onto it. It will lift off the ground and then fly in a straight path to its destination. The drone will then descend and wait for the recipient to arrive. The food container will then unlock once the recipient signs in with their Ohio State login information. This will allow students with hectic schedule to save money and eat healthier foods when most dining options are closed.


  • Financially unstable students are forced to buy food off-campus in locations where the Ohio state meal plan is not accepted.
  • Students are hesitant in coming back to traditions as the same food which was served for lunch is served for dinner. Food is too repetitive.
  • Dining halls do not take dietary restrictions into consideration. There need to be more vegan and gluten-free options being served.
  • The number of healthier options needs to be increased at the dining halls.


  • Students shouldn’t starve during late night study sessions. This will positively impact their academic performance.
  • More students are likely to adopt a meal plan as the value of the said plan is exponentially increased.
  • Healthier food options would greatly aid in decreasing the high-stress college students face.