ITS Description

Integrated Transportation System

The Drone Operated Butler Parking System (D.O.B.P.S.) is a system of robotic drones that guide vehicles and their drivers to available parking spots quickly and efficiently. The drones travel on tracks that are laid across the ceiling of the parking garage. Using a complex algorithm and an assortment of sensors located at parking spots and on the drones themselves, D.O.B.P.S. is not only able to locate available parking spots, but it is also able to choose which spot would be the most effective in avoiding traffic inside the garage. This system best meets the user needs because it will quickly and reliably find a spot for the driver, saving them a lot of time while lowering their stress.

After analyzing the conducted research and interviews, three pains stood out. They were:

  1. Wasting too much time on finding parking.
  2. Spending too much money on parking.
  3. Having too much stress over the whole process.

With D.O.B.P.S. in place, users will have the ability to:

  1. Access reliable, up-to-date parking information.
  2. Have a personalized parking experience.
  3. Gain a more positive outlook on parking.