ITS Description

Integrated Transportation System:

Scooter Swipes: For students that have trouble with their timing between classes this solution would be very beneficial. Scooter swipes would add even more value to the already popular Bird/Lime scooters. Students often don’t use these already existing resources because they do not want to spend money out of pocket to pay for using them. However, if there were a system implemented that allowed students to sign up for a ‘scooter swipe’ plan that gives them a certain number of swipes per week that would allow them to ride the scooters, students would be more likely to ride the scooters. This would allow students to maximize their time between classes because less time would be spent on walking, therefore, minimizing the stress on students rushing between classes. Also, this could have potential to be a big deal between the university and a scooter company. The university would have the possibility to make a business deal with one of the scooter companies, which would involve them to providing customized OSU scooters for the campus that would allow only Ohio State students to ride them.