Group J

Group J

Dams block fish migration patterns and interrupt breeding.


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Name Occupation
Andrew Bruno Marketing
Chenjie Wu Research & Development
Jiaqi Zhang Human Resources


Division K – Members

Division K

  • Stephen Ashley (ashley.141)

    •     Marketing

  • Michael Griswold (griswold.47)

    • Research & Development

  • Sasha Markus (markus.43)

    • Human Resources

  • Darwn Mergaye (mergaye.2)

    • Business Manager (CFO)

Division K

Division K 

Improving the Drive-Thru Experience!

You hate waiting in line for food.

It’s a waste of time, costs you money in gas, and is harmful to the environment.

Our goal is to improve the drive-thru experience.

Stay tuned for details.


Hello world!

Watt Company: “Hello world!”

The world: “Hello Watt Company”


Welcome to Watt Company.

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