Mission Statement


Team K is dedicated to improving the transportation of foods in order to provide our customers with safer, fresher, and better tasting foods and showing you the process used to achieve it through this website. By reducing the time it takes foods to be transported from the stores, farms, and any other location to your house, we can ensure that you’ll be getting the best quality fruit the fastest way possible. By the time fruits get from farm to grocery stores through normal transportation, they’ve already started rotting. With our new method of transportation, the foods you want will be delivered almost instantaneously and with the air tight seal they will stay fresh during their time in one of our transportation pods. Every person can benefit from this product, but our main target is grocery stores who need to get their produce quicker in order to reduce waste from foods that rotted before being sold or were already rotten upon arrival. With this aspect we can reduce food waste, reduce world hunger, and lower the cost of foods for consumers. In order to achieve this level of transportation, we would need to create underground tunnels with airtight tubes to be able to transport the foods discretely and effectively. As difficult as this may be, it will be worth it in the future as those tubes help solve world problems and create a healthier tomorrow.