Connecting the World Through Technology

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Today’s world is connect in more ways now than ever before! Our mission here at Dreese Data Systems is to usher in these new advancements in connection.

Our Mission


Our teams have set out with the goal of connecting communities like Linden to those of Easton and Polaris. To accomplish this our teams will be simulating the real world with four monorail tracks pictured below. The rails contain three elements: the loading zone, gate, and starting dock. AEV’s will begin their voyage at the starting dock proceeding to the gate zone where they will make a brief stop before continuing on to load the package. Once the cargo is loaded, the AEV will proceed in the same fashion back on the monorail.

Simple example of the four monorails.


Team Budgets:

Along with completing the MCR set forth by each team, the divisions will each be given a budget of $600K. The following given formula will be used to calculate total costs.