Lab 9 – Performance Test 2


Purpose of Labs 09A/B/C: Now that a design has been decided upon, the lab team used the labs for Performance Test 2 to test different codes for the AEV. Now that a design was picked, the code was the only variable that was varied. Visual observations were used by the team to determine consistency in performance, along with data to support the amount of energy used between trials. The different approaches for the code were chosen based on adaptability and simplicity. The performance tests allowed the lab team to move forward with confidence getting closer to final goals.


  • Coding based on distance in marks rather than me is much more reliable for completing the course
  • The celerate command affects the mark reading of the AEV, making it more difficult to calculate the mark count ahead of time
  • Both speed and number of marks can be changed to affect how far the AEV moves on the track
  • It is most efficient during performance tests to designate two members as those who put the AEV on the track, another to control the code, and another to collect the data and perform the analysis in MATLAB


Meeting Notes

Date: March 24th, 2016

Time: 3:40 pm (face to face)

Members present: Kayley, Allison, Stefanie, and Natalie

Topics Discussed: Lab 10 Progress Report


To delegate tasks for the progress report and discuss our goals moving forward.

Completed during meeting:

  • Delegated tasks:
    • Natalie : results & analysis, appendix (code)
    • Kayley : situations for backwards and forwards
    • Stefanie : team meeting notes, takeaways
    • Allison : weekly goals, weekly schedule

Reflection: After class, the lab team reflected on its progress so far on Performance Test 2 and what needs to be done to complete the two codes for testing on the final day of PT-2 tests. The group talked about how the track sizes differ between the two rooms and that the remainder of the on-track testing will need to be completed on Tuesday 3/28 when the team is back in room 228 with the correctly sized track. Tasks for the Lab 10 progress report were also delegated during this meeting.

PT 2 Report