Lab 8 – Performance Test 1


The purpose of Lab 08A/B/C: Performance Test 1 was to test 2 unique AEV designs developed during previous labs to determine the appropriate design to complete the MCR. Using data collected from the screening and scoring of the designs, two designs were compared, this time on the track, against each other to further narrow gap between each design. Both designs were run on the track with a set of identical code that ran from the starting point until the first gate. Using identical parameters for the run, including the code and starting point, the run of each AEV provided the group with data to further analyze the design’s efficiency more effectively than the screening and scoring sheets had previously.


  • We learned the importance of getting lab documenta on done ahead of me so that it is certain it’s done correctly before the due date
  • We are confident in our original design — It is very simple, yet displays remarkable balance
  • The team needs to continue demonstrating communication and time management skills


Meeting Notes

Date: March 8th, 2016

Time: 3:40 pm (face to face)

Members present: Kayley, Allison, Stefanie, and Natalie

Topics Discussed: Lab 09 Progress Report


To delegate tasks for the progress report and discuss our goals moving forward.

Completed during meeting:

  • Delegated tasks:
    • Natalie : situations for backwards and forwards, appendix (code)
    • Kayley : team meeting notes, backwards takeaways
    • Stefanie : weekly schedule, forwards weekly goals
    • Allison : backwards results and analysis (Question 1 and Question about code)

Reflection: After class, the lab team reflected on previous labs and talked about what needs to be done during the performance tests in the upcoming labs.

PT 1 Report