Lab 5 – AEV Design Concepts


This week, each AEV design concept from the previous week was taken and evaluated by specific criteria determined by the team. The criteria consisted of characteristics such as center of gravity and weight, which will differ depending on the materials the AEV is built with. To make it as unbiased as desired, each AEV was compared to the base design, and then rated positively or negatively based off of that specific design. The importance of this was to ultimately determine the most efficient and effective AEV design to have throughout the rest of the experiment.


  •  Many aspects need to be considered while choosing the final design
  •  Finding the correct balance for the AEV on the track was more difficult than we expected, and we must alter our design slightly for a more durable result
  • The lab team must con nue communica ng outside of lab me to make sure everyone is on the same page once lab comes


Meeting Notes

Date: 2/21/17

Time: 9:30 am (face to face)

Members present: Kayley, Allison, Stefanie, and Natalie

Topics Discussed: Lab 05 Progress Report


Today’s meeting was to discuss what happened in lab 5. We also need to discuss our finalized design plans.

Completed during meeting:

  • Assigned the following roles for the progress report:
    • Kayley: Question 1, meeting notes, takeaways,
    • Natalie: Scoring and Screening Spreadsheets, Question 2
    • Allison: Situations for Backwards and Forwards
    • Stefanie: Weekly Goals, Weekly Schedules


Lab 05 was very important for moving forward in the lab. Finalizing a design allows for more focus on the coding portions and other troubleshooting. The lab team continues to work very well together in and outside of class.

Progress Report 5