Lab 4 – System Analysis 2


The purpose of Lab 04: System Analysis 2 & Design Analysis Tool was to develop a test run of the AEV to then use to gather data about the system. After running the AEV on the track with a basic set of code, the team downloaded the data that the Arduino automatically collects during each run. Then using the pre-written MATLAB code, the Arduino EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) data is converted to physical parameters that could be easily understood and interpreted. The MATLAB design analysis tool was then used to interpret the physical parameters and conduct a performance analysis This data will be used later to determine how to make the AEV run in the most efficient way possible.


  •   Important for all group members to understand every aspect of the lab, even if it is not theirmain role
  •   Manage the me properly to account for any possible errors that could arise (For example one ofthe wires of for our propellers was loose, so we had to account for the me it took for a UTA tofix it during class)
  •   Continue evenly dividing the work for our progress reports and work that is required outside ofclass


Meeting Notes

Date: February 12th, 2016

Time: 10:00 am (face to face)

Members present: Kayley, Allison, Stefanie, and Natalie

Topics Discussed: Lab 04 Progress Report


Today’s meeting was to discuss what happened in lab 4 because half of our members were not present in the lab. After we went over what happened, we divided up the roles of the progress report.

Completed during meeting:

  • Created graphs and extra calculations from the excel sheet of the data
  • Assigned roles for completing the progress report
  • Stefanie: plots for parts a&b, conversions in excel, question 1 of results and analysis, table
  • Kayley: team meeting notes, takeaways, results and analysis backwards
  • Allison: weekly goals, schedule, question 2
  • Natalie: situations for backward and forward


Lab 04 was different for us because two members were not able to make it due to illness. However it allowed Kayley and Allison to do roles that we were not used. During the lab, they called Stefanie and Natalie and still worked together.

Progress Report 4