Lab 2 – External Sensors + System Analysis 1


The purpose of Lab 02: External Sensors & System Analysis 1 was to get familiar with the external sensors for the AEV and testing the reflectance sensors orientation. Also, this lab was the first introduction to using the external sensors to control the AEV’s movement and required learning new arduino code. This new code was implemented to use the external sensors to move the AEV a set distance rather than for a set amount of time. It was important to learn this new code and get familiar with the external sensors because measuring the AEV by distance instead of time could increase the it’s accuracy.

A second part of the lab, unrelated to the first, was meant to familiarize the team with propulsion efficiency and its variability. Different propellers and motors were tested and data was collected at each Power setting for the arduino in the wind tunnel. This lab was important to the greater project because having data about each configuration allows the team to use the efficiency calculations to determine what combination of propellers and orientation will allow for the most efficient vehicle in the final design.


  •   Learned that in order to make the propellers move in the right direc on, the arduino must beprogrammed to move in reverse
  •  Were able to test the AEV on the track for the first me, and figured out the proper weightbalance for the me being
  •   Determined that the team needs to do be er with me management during class so that alltasks can be completed during lab


Meeting Notes

Date: 2‐‐Feb‐‐2017
Time: 2:15PM (Face‐to‐Face)
Members Present: Natalie Amling, Stefanie Blake Topics Discussed: Post Lab 02

Objective: Today’s main focus was reviewing what needs to be completed for progress report 2 and assigning each team member different tasks to help complete the report. We started a google doc where we outlined the informa on to be included in the report, as well as the addi onal ques ons that need to be answered. We also started looking ahead to the work that needs to be completed for progress report 3.

Completed during meeting:

‐Documents for progress reports 2 & 3 created, with forma ng ‐Progress report 2 divided up accordingly:

‐Each individually: sample calculations
‐Stefanie: team mee ng notes, weekly schedule, provide raw data in the appendix ‐Kayley: backwards takeaways, forwards weekly goals
‐Allison: backwards results & analysis
‐Natalie: situa on for backwards and forwards, code commen ng

Tasks to be completed for upcoming week:

‐Individual tasks as delegated for progress report 2 ‐Individual concept AEV concept sketch for progress report 3

Reflec on: We determined that we need to be more proactive with delega ng tasks so that team members are not overwhelmed with the work of two labs to complete within less than a week of the due date.