Lab 10 – Performance Test 3


To summarize the week, the main objective has been to troubleshoot and perfect the code used to transport the AEV around the entire length of the track. The issue of inconsistency with coasting has been adjusted so the AEV now brakes at the same marks, every time In addition, the final design has been solidified and will no longer be adjusted. It can be certain that the code the team has nearly will be the final code used. This week was used to manipulate several options, and determine the best overall choice.


  • The team learned how to stop the AEV at the same point on the track on each run, while still being able to coast and use as little energy as possible
  • Efficiently transition from the track in Rm 308 to Rm 224 which previously had been an issue


Meeting Notes

Date: April 4th, 2017

Time: 3:40 pm (face to face)

Members present: Kayley, Allison, Stefanie, and Natalie

Topics Discussed: Lab 11 Progress Report


To delegate tasks for the progress report and discuss our goals moving forward.

Completed during meeting:

  • Delegated tasks:
    • Natalie: team meeting notes, takeaways, appendix code
    • Kayley: weekly schedule and weekly goals
    • Allison: situations for backwards and forwards
    • Stefanie: results & analysis

Reflection: After class, the lab team reflected on its progress so far getting closer to final testing. The group has been very pleased with the results of this week, as a lot of progress has been made. A priority is to finally get a complete run around the track, which is very attainable in the coming days.

PT 3 Report