Lab 1 – Arduino Programming Basics


The purpose of Lab 01: Arduino Programming Basics was to introduce the team to operating the AEV motors with basic function calls in the Arduino Integrated Development Editor (IDE).

Propellers were setup to allow for testing. The lab team then used the functions learned from the pre lab to develop a code to perform the instructed tasks. The code was uploaded from the computer to the Arduino, allowing the motors to operate according to the commands.

This lab was important because it introduced the team to how the Arduino software worked, how to access the Sketchbook folder, how the function calls worked, and the process for uploading the code to the Arduino. Each member of the team contributed in different ways, either by reading the instructions from the document, writing on the whiteboard, or typing the code into the computer.

The takeaway for the AEV was that the code must be tailored to the reaction time of the motors. The motors do not start or stop running right away, so the team will need to be careful with the time durations when using the commands. The takeaway for general project learning were to continue divvying up the work amongst group members to ensure that the the team is completing everything correctly and time efficiently. Communication is also very important to guarantee that every team member is aware of each step and is confident to take on a different role the next week.


Meeting Notes

January 19th, 2016
8:00 pm (face to face)
Kayley, Allison, Stefanie, and Natalie were present Topics Discussed: Post Lab 01

Today’s meeting was for getting together for the first time to discuss our goals and objectives for this coming week.

Completed during meeting:

  • ­ set up and shared with all team members
  • ­  Weekly meetings established: Tuesdays (mostly in Raney)
  • ­  Established a google drive folder for all members
  • ­  Progress report divided up accordingly
    • ­  Stefanie: Backwards (situation and takeaways)
    • ­  Kayley: Appendices, meeting notes, AEV concept
    • ­  Allison: Forward looking plan, weekly goals
    • ­  Natalie: Questions (written as the results/analysis section of the backwardslooking summary) and email about concept AEV

      We determined that the previous lab ran smoothly in class. The difficult part will be organizing all of the materials that we need to turn in for class next week and staying on track with all assignments.