Triangle: The Frat for STEM Majors

By Danny Flax

Triangle is Social Fraternity for engineers, scientists and mathematicians.

We bring the community together through academic empowerment. We share a love for learning new things and a belief that the key to a strong community is understanding those who are different from you. We have programs tailored towards embracing knowledge, such as crash-courses from subject matter experts, time set aside for intellectual conversations, and academic wellness sessions.

In additional to the traditional benefits of a social fraternity, such as networking, tutoring, and fun social events, we provide extensive opportunities for personal development due to our small size. We are a close-knit group, which means each brother gets to know one another really well, and provides a foundation for new members to develop strong bonds with colleagues in similar majors.

Being part of Triangle also means being part of a larger, national community of 26,000+ lifetime brothers. Each semester we go on trips all around the East Coast to visit Triangle brothers nationwide. Members get the opportunity to learn ideas and skills from school cultures that are different from OSU and apply this knowledge to their own lives.

We’re looking for upstanding men who have a passion for learning, seek new challenges, wish to better their community and want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.


Contact Information:

Recruitment chair:  Jacob Shoaf

(513) 240-9938


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