Final Vehicle Testing

Final Performance Test 1

In our first of the performance tests, we were worried about the braking system that we didn’t have much time on fine-tuning. We wanted to incorporate more of a hybrid between coasting and servo braking when docking with the caboose. We were relieved when the AEV attached perfectly with the caboose. The first performance test was a complete success.

Final Performance Test 2

In the second performance test, the AEV did not stop early enough when stopping into the beginning station. The reason for this was unknown, but we reset the Arduino and charged the battery before the third and final test, hoping that this was the reason for the mishap.

Final Performance Test 3

In our final performance test, the issue that occurred in the final performance test 2 was fixed. It all went perfectly in fact. The braking to the caboose was always spot on and we couldn’t be happier about the outcome of the final test.