Team Meetings

Meeting 1:

Time  – January  13th, 2019 from 8 pm to 9 pm

Location –  Phillip’s house

Members Present – Earl , Andrew, Phillip, and Patrick

The topic of discussion – Team Working Agreement

During this meeting, the four members gathered and discussed how the meeting times should be consistent. This meaning that regularly on average of once a week they should gather to discuss the AEV Project and elaborate of the things to come in the future. We decided this because we all are busy and only have time to meet once a week. This time they also decided to start brainstorming designs for their AEV. They left the idea open for discussion as they did not want to make a final decision at this time. They also took care of the task to build their sample AEV design that was needed for a lab that week.

Upcoming Tasks – For the near future we set the goal of continuing to brainstorm ideas for their vehicle. Everyone should have a concept the the third Thursday of the semester. In this meeting they made Earl in charge of the upcoming Team Working Agreement due that week.

Meeting 2:

Time – March 8th, 2019 from 4 pm to 6 pm

Location – Library

Members Present – Earl, Andrew, Phillip, and Patrick

The topic of discussion – Progress Report 2 and Presentation

During this meeting, we discussed what we wanted to talk about in the presentation that we would be giving the week after spring break. We also made the presentation and rehearsed it once. When we felt that the presentation was ready we started to working on the progress report.

Upcoming Tasks – Earl is assigned to making the code for the AEV that is able to move on the text track, by March 20th. Andrew is assigned to keep the website up to date, due by March 21st. Phillip is assigned to make a new design that would be our mk. 2 AEV, due by March 25th. Patrick is assigned to help everyone else in completing their tasks on time.