Group E

Team E strives to provide an Advanced Energy Vehicle (AEV) that is not only energy efficient, but also is cost efficient. Our number one priority is safety for the passenger, and second being, a speedy journey from one side of Columbus to the other. Throughout our building process, we plan to take our designs to the next level and give the consumers what they want. An eco-friendly design that in turns helps the environment but also gives a stunning look to be sure to catch the crowds eyes. When we mean eco-friendly we mean that we will use recycled parts, our design will also be charged by solar power. Making a better environment for everyone in Columbus. Our group is eager to use different software to try and develop the most advanced and perfect vehicle for all those who are interested. The goal of group E is to make a stylish AEV vehicle that is also fuel efficient. We want to complete the AEV development project to begin production by April 22, 2019. This deadline is put into place by the mark of the end of the semester, closing all lab and material access.

Group Information

Research Phase One

Research Phase Two

Vehicle Testing