Group Information

Team Members, Contact Information, and Roles

Caleb Tincher              740-816-1280

Role : Team Manager (Usually just group delegator/help us work together. ) – Organize group meetings and keep things on track, as well as help with all responsibilities

Alexander Enders      740-341-5307

Role : Primary Organizer – Makes sure that the information from each of us gets put in the right places for use later

Zachery Moser           567-240-1738

Role : Primary physical and digital recorder of meetings – Makes sure all meetings are recorded and that we have that information readily available

Jon Misich                  740-816-9325

Role : Main Coder/AEV Mechanic – Work on the code and the labs the most, make sure that everything works correctly and that all of the programs we write are up to standard

Group Photo:

Team D’s Team Meeting Minutes can be found here.