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Coryn Gonzales, Academic Success Coach

Coryn received her Bachelor of Arts with Research Distinction in Psychology from the Ohio State University, and is a Newark Campus Alumni. During her undergraduate career, Coryn was a student in the Buckeye Generation Learning Community her freshman year, and then continued for 3 years being an Academic Peer Coach for the program until she graduated. Coryn currently serves as Academic Success Coach for the Office of Retention & Student Success Initiatives and oversees the Engineering & Buckeye Generation Learning Communities. She is also working on getting her Master’s Degree from the Ohio State University. She is very proud to be the first in her family to earn her degree, and is passionate about helping others do the same. In her spare time, Coryn likes to dabble in photography, and you will frequently see her at learning community events behind the camera. Coryn will be the instructor for your University Survey (EXP course) and co-instructor for your Engineering Learning Community Lab (ASC) course. You can reach Coryn at:
Office: Founders Hall 2012
Phone: 740-755-7101



Dr. Jolanta M. Janiszewska will be teaching the Fundamentals of Engineering I and II. She obtained her Ph.D. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from The Ohio State University in 2004 with specialization in Experimental Fluid Dynamics. Dr. Janiszewska has worked at the Aeronautical Research Center for a number of years conducting experiments in both subsonic and supersonic wind tunnels. Her research concentrated on the dynamic behavior of airfoils for both helicopters and wind turbines applications. She has also worked on evaluating nanoparticle coatings in Mach 6 flow regime. Additionally she instrumented and evaluated jet test cell installations for both flight and marine applications.
Dr. Janiszewska lives in Powell and enjoys travel and photography.
Phone: 740-755-7802


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