Your Academic Peer Coaches

Aminata moved from Chicago, IL to Columbus, OH to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology while doing Pre-Medicine requirements at Ohio State University. She is a first-generation college student who is very dedicated to her school and work. She loves to travel and eat all sorts of food from around the world. She also enjoys music, especially Reggae, shopping and adrenaline-rush activities. Aminata loves kids and plans to work with them in her future. During her free time, she volunteers at Grant Children’s Hospital with premature babies. Once she graduates, Aminata plans on applying to Medical School or Physician’s Assistant School depending on where her journey leads her.

Morgan is from Bremen, OH which is a small town outside of Lancaster. She is currently an English major pursuing her Bachelor’s in her second year at OSUN. She is a first generation college student and the first female in her extended family to go to college. Morgan enjoys spending time outdoors with her animals and listening to all sorts of music. She has been heavily involved in music programs playing the flute, 4-H, FFA, and lots of other extracurriculars. There is very little that she is not interested in. Normally, you can find her holed up somewhere with tea and a book. Once she graduates, she is planning to go on to receive her Master’s and Doctorate degrees. That is, if she doesn’t change her mind a thousand times first.

Chance is from Gahanna, Ohio, but grew up living between the United States and King Island, Australia. Chance is a first generation college student excited to help others like him. He is currently a Business major and is also pursuing a minor in Professional Writing. This is his fourth year at OSU Newark, and he holds an Associate’s Degree in liberal arts from OSU. Chance enjoys practicing martial arts, which he has studied for the past seven years at a local dojo in Sunbury.  He also enjoys fencing on Newark campus and can be found frequently at the ping pong table in Warner. He will happily teach the basics of both sports to anyone wanting to learn. When he graduates, he plans to buy his first home within a few months of being hired. Chance is still deciding if that home will be in the United States or Australia.


We are currently looking to hire an upper-level STEM major student to be an Academic Peer Coach for the Engineering Learning Community!