Application is now available!

Application to the Engineering Learning Community is now available for the 2018-2019 program. Deadline to apply is April 1st to secure your spot!

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  1. If my son qualifies for the Engineering Learning Community and plans to transfer to the main campus, will he automatically be enrolled in the engineering program on the main campus? Or would he need to apply and then possibly get rejected?

    • Hi Debi! No, he would not automatically. He would need to meet the requirements to transition to Columbus campus as well as the requirements to get into the College of Engineering, if he’s not already in his first year. With that being said, all of the ELC students who planned to transition to Columbus and get into the College of Engineering (who weren’t already), was able to – 100% of them. The academic support they receive in the ELC helps prepare them for those goals.

  2. For a student who qualifies for the transition to Columbus campus and is accepted into the College of Engineering after the end of first year, does that student then have another full 4 year Engineering program to complete or do any of the classes taken at Newark transfer for credits in the Engineering program?

    • Hello! Thank you for your question. Generally speaking, the courses students take at Newark in the Engineering Learning Community count towards their engineering major. In fact, students in the learning community are guaranteed to take the first sequence of Engineering courses in their first-year that are required for all engineering majors. These are the same courses required for engineering majors on the Columbus campus. Since we are one university, simply with multiple locations, students at Newark take many of the same courses offered in Columbus. Students are encouraged to work with their advisor at Newark to ensure the courses they take in their first-year are required for their major and will help them get accepted into the College of Engineering if they aren’t already. Some of our students are accepted in the College of Engineering that start at Newark.

      The length of time to graduation can vary for individual students, depending on what level of math they start out at OSU. If you have further questions about time to degree, I would encourage you to speak with your Admissions Counselor who can put in contact with an advisor as well if need be.

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