Research: Upper extremity biomechanics

Upper extremity discomfort, work, and activities of daily living…

2014-2015. Manual work

  • Keester, D., Sommerich, C.M., 2017. Investigation of musculoskeletal discomfort and work postures among practicing tattoo artists. Applied Ergonomics 58, 137-143. (Student support provided through our NIOSH Training Grant, T03 OH008847.)


2010-2011. User-centered examination of jar lid design

  • Yen, W. T., Sommerich, C. M., Lavender, S. A., Flinn, SR, & Sanders, E. B. (2016). Evaluation of jar lid design characteristics by older women with hand use limitation, Appl Ergon 52, 177-184.
  • Yen, W. T., Flinn, S. R., Sommerich, C. M., Lavender, S. A., & Sanders, E. B. (2013). Preference of lid design characteristics by older adults with limited hand function. Journal of Hand Therapy, 26(3), 261-271.
  • Yen, W.-T., Sommerich, C. M., Lavender, S., Flinn, S. R., & Sanders, E. (2013). Product Physical Interface Design Characteristics for Older Adults with Hand Use Limitations: Laboratory Study. Paper presented at the 2013 International Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, San Diego. Awarded the 2013 Arnold M. Small Memorial Award For Outstanding Student Paper, by the Aging Technical Group of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.


A new model to investigate carpal tunnel syndrome

2008-2012. Macaque Model of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Effects of force and posture exposures (NIOSH-sponsored project R01OH009131)

  • Sommerich CM, Lavender SA, Buford J, Banks J, Vatan Korkmaz S, Pease WS. 2007. Towards development of a non-human primate model of carpal tunnel syndrome: Performance of a voluntary, repetitive pinching task induces median mononeuropathy in Macaca fascicularis. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 25: 713-724. (NIOSH-sponsored project R21OH008273)
  • Banks J, Lavender SA, Buford J, Sommerich CM. 2007. Measuring pad-pad pinch strength in a non-human primate: Macaca fascicularis. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology 17: 725-730.