Lab Director:  Dr. Carolyn Sommerich

Graduate students gain experience in conducting research through projects conducted through sponsored research, course work, and their own independent research.

Undergraduate students also gain research experience in this lab and provide valuable support to ongoing projects.

Current graduate students:
Paula Baluyut*
Anas Kachlan
Eyad Mirdad

Undergraduate students:
Lily Banke
Arielle Keselman
Pradnya Karne (graduated)
Alex Pires (graduated)
Jackie Ibrahim (graduated)
Madison Ohrn (graduated)
Anna Wade (graduated)
Madeline Stewart (graduated)
Ankitha Krishnamurthy (graduated)

Evan Johnson, MS (2023)
Zach Orme, MS (2022)
Jack Charbonnet*, MS (2022)
Evan Poska*, MS (2022)
Alexa Belegrin*, MS (2021)
Ardiyanto, PhD (2020)
Noura Amini Pay*, MS (2019)
Dawn Sillars*, MS (2019)
Alaina Preddie*, MS (2019)
Kelly Seagren*, MS (2018)
Jing Li, PhD (2017)
Doug Palmer*, MS (2017)
Minghao Tang, MS (2016)
Hasmin Hakim Hasbullah, MS (2016)
Radin Zaid Radin Umar, PhD (2015)
Sriya Parthasarathy*, MS (2015)
SangHyun Park, PhD (2015)
Dana Keester*, MS (2015)
Christina Lee*, MS (2014)
Sarah Koop*, MS (2014)
Kailyn Cage*, MS (2013)
Bryan Hennessey*, MS (2012)
Nick Boyd*, MS (2012)
Emma Alder*, MS (2012)
Wei-Ting Yen, PhD (2011)
Tony Farfan*, MS (2011)
Laura Czuba*, MS (2010)
Olivia Hernandez*, MS (2009)
Rajiv Gumpina, MS (2009)
Dawn Chandler*, MS (2009)
Sahika Vatan Korkmaz, PhD (2008)
Di Liu, PhD (2008)
Shritama Mukherji, MS (2008)
Sarah Nelson, MS (2007)
Amy Asmus, MS (2005)
Jake Banks, MS (2004)

* These students are/were supported through NIOSH Training Grants T01OH008847 or T03OH008847; Learn more about this graduate program for individuals interested in earning a master’s degree through an engineering-based program in occupational safety and ergonomics.