Zero Waste Tips for College Students

Since this is a new academic year, why not be a sustainable student? Any small changes you make can help make a greener and sustainable campus! Here are 5 Zero Waste Tips! 

1. Have a collection of reusable containers. 

Probably one of the most impactful wastes on campus is single-use plastics containers. Investing in a collection of reusable containers can help campus become more sustainable and greener! Plus, you can enjoy your drink or food on the go. Whether it’s coffee or your favorite pasta.  

2. Buy in bulk.  

If you like to snack when you are studying, try to buy your food in bulk and pack your snacks in reusable containers like mason jars or reusable food containers.  


3. Shop at the thrift store. 

Check out the local thrift stores around the University District for affordable and second-hand clothing! Not only are you saving money for yourself, but you are also being a sustainable student.  

4. Get used textbooks.  

Students are always looking to sell their books for reasonable prices. Try buying used books whenever you can. Chegg is a great service for college students that lets you rent books instead of buy them. Or try buying and/or renting a digital copy a textbook too if possible.  


5. Kindly refuse 

During the first few weeks of the semester, student organizations and offices love to give out freebies and flyers. If you are trying to be sustainable, kindly refuse to take a flyer or a t-shirt. Most of the freebies are cheaply made and not worth keeping to-be honest. And most of it is going to end up in the garbage.  


Just know that going zero waste in college is possible! Try to be a greener student if possible! I know I will be during this academic year! 

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