OSU’s Student Farm


The Ohio State Student Farm is a 4-acre plot of land at the Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory, located near Kenny Road and Lane Avenue. It is a space for all backgrounds and identities to engage in learning, researching and collaborating on projects. The purpose of the student farm is to empower students to experience first-hand the present and future of sustainable agriculture and food justice.  

During the academic year, the Student Farm mainly operates as the Student Growing Collaborative (SGC). This organization meets bi-weekly to learn and advocate for sustainable agriculture and food justice through events and workshops. In the spring semester, the SGC focuses on preparation for the growing season through crop planning, planning for both weed and soil fertility.  

Towards the end of spring semester and the summer season, the Student Farm focuses on production season. They grow a variety of 25 different vegetables and herbs. When students and faculty focus on production, this can include planting, cultivating, and managing vegetable production. They also run student-led projects during this time as well. Some of their projects (both present and past) were beekeeping, solar cold storage, and compost tea. There are many more great projects. Feel free to check them out here. 


If you are interested in volunteering at the Student Farm, sign up here so you can follow all the guidelines.  


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