David Maldonado (Left) and Tiffany Porter (Right)

David Maldonado (Left) and Tiffany Porter (Right)

Welcome to our u.osu.edu website explaining to you the effects of reunification for Germany that occurred in 1989. Many people from the West and East Germany were very excited for reunifying their country once again, but they did not suspect all the negative impacts of unifying. In addition, citizen’s views on the GDR before reunification were negative, but after reunification people from the former GDR views would completely change. This website purpose is to inform you about the different effects and change in views after reunification.

Clicking on the Different Effects tab will give you brief summary on the sub-tabs located underneath. There are three main effects that occurred after reunification: Economic Effect, Political Effect, and the Effect on the Citizens.

The GDR tab will explain to you the tabs underneath changes in view of the GDR. There specific tabs underneath the GDR tab main page in order to give you a better perspective on the views before and after reunification.

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