About Us

On top of the Collegiate Church of St. Servatius looking over Quedlinburg.

During our time in Berlin, we spent time looking at different architecture in the city and the history of it. We traveled to Quedlinburg to explore the town and we visited Potsdam to see the palaces and works of Frederick the Great. We also walked in Nikolaiviertel and saw the oldest building in Berlin.

With no knowledge of the German language, we managed to find our way, learn new things, and experience the history not just in Berlin, but in the surrounding areas.

Emily Hankinson is a senior at The Ohio State University where she studies English as a major and Spanish and professional writing as minors. She will graduate in May 2017 and will pursue a Master’s in Library and Information Science at Kent State University. While in Berlin, she learned that she really should trust Alex when it comes to directions.

Alex Kiraly is currently a freshman at The Ohio State University. He is studying biology and plans on being a high school biology teacher after he graduates. He has a remarkable sense of direction.