Women of IFZW

In former GDR childcare was provided by the state, allowing women to work in whatever field that they wished (the State wished for them), well obviously there were some restraints. GDR encouraged women to acquire some kind of qualification, often in a traditionally masculine job (Heinen). It is interesting to note, that IFZW has hired a large amount of women employees who have no prior technical experience. In America that is unheard of, well male or female prior job experience is important, but still! There was only one women I interviewed at IFZW that had prior technical experience. Many of the others had similar experiences, that of marketing, accounting, and management, but none had experience with crematoriums. Something I did not think of prior to interviewing these women, is that for them to succeed in their role, they have to learn the terms of the equipment that IFZW makes. That does not sound that difficult, but when they have to learn those terms, in multiple languages, and being able to explain pieces and parts in those different languages is quiet a task! Regardless, IFZW provides opportunity for their employees, as they sell and create products that are better for our environment and for the people using them.