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The Building of the Tower

The Fernsehturm or TV tower was built as a symbol of power and wealth by the GDR. In 1965 the construction began of the tower and was completed in 1969(Tower & History). The tower is about 367.8936 meters or 1,207 feet tall and the base is made of concrete (Tower & History). The sphere is made of a steel frame and has an observation deck that allows one to see the entire city of Berlin below it (Tower & History).


socialBedia.”TV Tower, Berlin”. 27 august 2012. Online image. Flickr. 9 April 2017. https://www.flickr.com/photos/socialbedia/7907040170/


The  pope’s revenge

The pope’s revenge was a sore spot for the GDR. The GDR had atheism as their country’s religion (Posts about Berlin). During the time of the GDR’s government their removed symbols of different religions and caused trouble for churches and other religious gatherings (Posts about Berlin).  The tower was built to over shadow one of the oldest churches in Berlin the Nikolaikirche and was also close to other church called the (Posts about Berlin). The placement was probably a symbol as well but unfortunately for the GDR the sphere near the top of the tower had a unique, unintended feature (Posts about Berlin). When the sun shines of the sphere due to the shape and the material of it causes a shining cross to form.

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                                                                                                                                                The TV Tower Today

photo taken by authors

After the fall of the Berlin wall and the end of the GDR’s era in power, the TV tower’s meaning changed. The tower was a symbol of strength and prosperity of the GDR government and country, but that was changed into a symbol for reunification (Posts about Berlin). The best reason I found why this happened is that the tower being so tall that both east and west saw this structure and from the inside the tower one can see the whole of Berlin. It was something both sides could see and after the wall fell something one could use to see both sides (Posts about Berlin).

Photo taken by authors