Studying the Memorialization of Berlin’s German/Soviet Relics and Ideologies

Welcome to our website! This website will inform you on a handful of monuments created by and/or in memoriam of the Soviets. All memorials covered in our project are located in what was east Berlin. Our interest is to research the history of these sites, prior to and after Soviet contact, as well as also discuss how these historical sites have been memorialized leading up to modern day, and how these memorials have been subject to political and ethical debate regarding what they are memorializing. Through looking at these memorials/historic sights, we will discuss the past history of the areas, what happened to these areas when they were under Soviet/GDR control, and what they are now today by further discussing the success they have in portraying what the communists envisioned them to portray for generations to come, as well as the German backlash toward Soviet/GDR control and ideologies remaining within Germany’s capital city.

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