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Group N identified and justified priorities for AEV which AEV planes will be carried foward and they can be found in the drop-down menu of “DESIGN”.



Website Purpose:

 This website is created for the ENG 1182 AEV Project. Here the team will post information related to the AEV, ranging from technical information, such as Arduino code, to the creative designs of our personal AEV.


Approach to MCR:

Our goal is to find an inexpensive, fast and energy-efficient way to transport people from Linden to Easton and Polaris. To accompolish this, research will be conducted in areas including: Minimization of weight for the AEV, aerodynamic structures, size and minimizing friction. These areas of research will help increase the efficiency of the AEV, and thus, derease the total budget. It was found that there is $1.5K charge per second used to complete the performance test and $500 charge per Joule used during the performance test. So, research conducted in the areas of speed and energy-efficiency will decrease the expense of the AEV. Also, a procedure will be created to prevent team members from breaking safety violations.