Fall 2023

Please see the full schedule below, as we invite you to attend in-person, Wednesdays in the Physics Research Building, Room 4138, from 3:00PM – 4:00PM:

  • Wednesday, September 27th“Epitaxial Strain Control of Ferroelectricity for Advanced Microelectronics”
    PI: Kaveh Ahadi; Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Electric and Computer Engineering
  • Wednesday, October 18th: “Polar Instabilities in Locally Polar Superconductors”
    PI: Salva Salmani-Rezaie; Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Wednesday, October 25th: “Site-Controlled InGaN/GaN Quantum Dots in GaN Nanowires for Single Photo Emission”
    PI: Shamsul Arafin; Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Wednesday, November 1st: “In situ Control of Band Gaps & Intersubband Transition of 2D Semiconductors”    
    PI: Jeanie Lau; Department of Physics
  • Wednesday, November 8th“Topological States Beyond Crystaline Materials”
    PI: Jinwoo Hwang; Department of Material Science and Engineering
    Co-PI; Yuan-Ming; Department of Physics
    Co-PI; Jyoti Katoch; Department of Physics
  • Wednesday, November 15th: “Polymer-Based Enzymatic Nanomaterials”
    PI: David Wood; Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    Co-PI: Davita Watkins; Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Wednesday, November 29th: “Signal Transducing Nanodevice Assemblies for Triggered Materials Self-assembly”
    PI: Carlos Castro; Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Wednesday, December 6th: “Polarization Caloritronics: what is the nature of the thermal perturbations of the ferroelectric order what can we do with them”
    PI: Jos Heremans; Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Wednesday, December 13th: “Design & Synthesis of Functional Covalent Organic Frameworks for the Photocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Chemical Fuels & Feedstocks”
    PI: Psaras McGrier; Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Autumn 2021 Seminars

  1. September 29, Wednesday, 4:30-5:30 pm
    • Sasha Landsman
    • (In-person)
  2. October 6, Wednesday, 4:30-5:30 pm 
    • Jinghua Li
    • (In-person)
  3. October 13, Wednesday, 4:30-5:30 pm
    • Alok Sutradhar
    • (In-person)
  4. October 20, Wednesday, 4:30-5:30 pm
    • Shiyu Zhang
    • (In-person)
  5. October 27, Wednesday, 4:30-5:30 pm
    • Xiaoxue Wang
    • (Zoom)

September 20      IRG-1 Seminar

Arun Paramekanti, University of Toronto
Title: Magnetism and Nematicity in (111) Oxide 2D Electron Gases

September 20 at 4:15pm in 4138 PRB

Aleksandr Chernatynskiy, Missouri S & T
Kapitza Resistance from Atomistic Simulation

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Spring 2011

April 8        OSU Materials Seed Grant Presentations 
PI: Michael Poirier Co-Investigators: Chris Jaroniec, Chris Hammel
Title: Magnetic Resonance Studies of Chromatin Structure and Dynamics

PI: Jianjun Guan Co-Investigators: Peter Anderson
Title: Suitable construct biomechanics for engineering heart tissue

PI: Stephen Lee Co-Investigators: Gregg Hadley, Ron Pelletier
Title: Construction and Characterization of bio-semi-conductor interfaces for biodetection

April 15     OSU Materials Seed Grant Presentations    
PI: Yebo Li Co-Investigators: Rudolph Buchheit, Stuart L. Cooper
Title: Development of Novel Processes for Biopolyols and Polyurethane Production from Renewable Sources

PI: Gunjan Agarwal Co-Investigators: Samir Ghadiali, Greg Lafyatis
Title: Modulation of Cell and Matrix Mechanics by DDRS

PI: Jay Gupta Co-Investigator: Len Brillson
Title: Atomic scale characterization of defects in wide bandgap semiconductors

April 22     OSU Materials Seed Grant Presentations     
PI: Jessica Winter Co-Investigator: R. Sooryakumar
Title: Magnetic Nanomaterials for Molecular Separations

PI: Bharat Bhushan Co-Investigator: Scott Schricker
Title: Evaluating Protein Adsorption and Conformation on a Nanostructured Block Copolymer Surface with AFM to Develop Improved Biomaterials

PI: Hendrik Verweij Co-Investigator: John Volakis
Title: Magnetic materials for RF applications: Structure-Property relationships

April 29     OSU Materials Seed Grant Presentations     
PI: Michael Paulaitis Co-Investigators: Chia-Hsiang Menq, Andre Palmer
Title: Biomaterials characterization and synthesis of mimetic cell-secreted microvesicles for cell-cell signaling

PI: Suresh Babu Co-Investigator: Marcelo Dapino
Title: Nanostructured Smart Materials for Joining Interfaces

PI: Kristy Ainslie Co-Investigator: Barbara Wyslouzil
Title: pH sensitive microparticles used as a vaccine for biodefense applications

May 6     OSU Materials Seed Grant Presentations     
PI: Kathy Flores Co-Investigators: Wolfgang Windl, Allen Yi
Title: Design of Functional Metallic Glasses

PI: Anne Co Co-Investigator: Aravind Asthagiri
Title: Development of novel catalysts for CO2 electro-chemical reduction to alcohols

PI: Claudia Turro Co-Investigators: Sheldon Shore, Vish Subramaniam
Title: Iodinated Boron Cages for Selective Pre- and Intraoperative Cancer Detection

May 20     

Speaker: Anne Co
Talk Subject: Electrocatalysis

Winter 2011

January 14   
Speaker: Nitin Padture   MS&E     MSE Colloquium   McQuigg Hall 3:30 pm   
Talk Title: “New high-temperature coatings for gas-turbine engines”
January 21
Sepaker: Fengyuan Yang    Physics
Talk Title: Magnetic and structural properties of Sr2CrReO6 epitaxial films
January 28
Speaker: Josh Goldberger   Chemistry
Talk Title: Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Materials for Energy and Medicine
February 4
No meeting     
February 11
Speaker: Michael Poirier     Physics
Talk Title: Genomic Materials: Properties and Impact
February 18
Speaker: Jesse Berezovsky   CWRU
Talk Title: New tools for exploring spins and photons in solid state nanosystems
February 25
Speaker: Jos Heremans   Mechanical Engineering
Talk title: Thermal Spintronics
March 4
No Meeting
March 11
No Meeting

Fall 2010

October 1
Speaker: Tony Leggett  UIUC     Winner of 2003 Physics Nobel Prize
Talk Title: “Prospects for topological quantum computing”
October 8
No Meeting     
October 15
Speaker: John Moreland   NIST
Talk Subject: Biomagnetic Imaging Standards and Microsystems
October 22
Speaker: Mali Balasubramanian   Argonne National Laboratory
Talk Title: “Studies of Li-Ion Battery Materials Using Synchrotron Methods”
October 29
Speaker: Donghun Lee   Physics
Talk Title: “Tunable field-control over the binding energy of single dopants by a charged vacancy in GaAs”
November 05
Speaker: Haidong Zhang   SUNY     
Talk Part I: MnAs/AlAsSb/InAs Heterostructure Based Spintronics Devices
Talk Part II: Optical Quantum Hall Detection in the THz Regime
November 12
Speaker: Claudia Felser   Johannes Gutenberg University
Talk Title: Heusler compounds: Multifunctional materials for spintronics

Spring 2010

April 2
Speaker: Jessica Winter, Chem & Biomolecular Eng and Biomedical Eng
Talk Title: “Fluorescent Nanocomposites”
April 9
Speaker: Len Brillson, ECE & Physics
Talk Title: “ENCOMM Postdoctoral Research on Complex Oxides”
April 16
Speaker:Jos Heremans,ME & Roberto Myers, MSE
Talk Subject: Spin-Seebeck
April 23
Speaker: Michael Poirier, Biophysics          
May 7
Speaker: Chemistry MEEK Lecture: Dr. Mark Hampden-Smith, Cabot Corporation     Room 1008 Evans Lab
Talk Title: “Challenges in the Development of Materials for Solar Photovoltaic Applications”
May 14
Speaker: Min Ouyang, University of Maryland
Talk Title: “Precisely Tailored Nanostructures: Chemistry and Physics”
May 21
Speaker: Chris Hammel, Physics
Talk Title: “Nanoscale scanning probe ferromagnetic resonance imaging using localized modes”
May 28
No Meeting     
June 4
No Meeting

Winter 2010

January 15
Speaker: Olivier Klein, Service de Physique de l’État Condensé (CEA-Saclay in France)
Research Areas: nanomagnetism, magnetic resonance, and near field probe techniques.
January 22
No Meeting
January 29
Speaker: Vidya Bhallamudi   ECE
Talk Title: “Imaging spin diffusion in inhomogeneous magnetic fields”
February 5
No meeting     
February 12
No Meeting     
February 19
Speakers: N. Padture, P.C. Hammel, Z. Johnston-Halperin, P. Woodward, L. Brillson, CEM    Workshop: “What makes a successful IRG”
February 26
Speaker: Chemistry Mack Award Lecture: Chad A. Mirkin, Northwestern University     4:45pm
Talk Title: “Unconventional Approaches to Nanofabrication”
March 5
Speaker: R. Sooryakumar (Soory), Physics
Talk Title: “Mobile Magnetic Tweezers”
March 12
Speaker: Debdeep Jena, University of Notre Dame
Talk Title”Graphene Based Electronics”

Fall 2009

October 2
Speaker: Jairo Sinova, Texas A&M Univ
Talk Title: “Making Semiconductors Magnetic”
October 9
No meeting     
October 16
Speaker: Fransiska Wolny, IFW-Dresden
Talk Title: “Iron filled carbon nanotubes -Novel high resolution high stability probes for quantitative magnetic force microscopy”
October 23
Speaker: Jung-Woo Yoo, Physics -w/ Prof. Epstein’s group
Talk Title: “Moving toward organic spintronics”
October 30
Speaker: Fengyuan Yang, Physics
Talk Title: “Achieving half-metallicity in double perovskite epitaxial films: roadblocks, successes, and the way ahead”
November 6
Speaker:Pat Woodward, Chemistry and Wolfgang Windl, MSE
Talk subject: Defects in perovskites
November 13
NSF Site visit to Center for Emergent Materials     
November 20
Speaker: Jay Gupta, Physics
Talk Title: “Studies of transport through single molecules with atomically precise contacts”
December 4
No Meeting

Spring 2009

April 3
Collaboration Group Meetings       
April 17
Speaker: Roland Kawakami, UC Riverside
Talk Subject: Graphine & Hydrogen Storage
April 24
Speaker: Umit Ozkan, Chem Eng
Talk Subject: Fuel Cells
May 1
Speaker: Michael Sumption, Mat Sci Eng
Talk title: Opportunities for New Superconductors to Solve Energy Challenges
May 5
Speaker: Chemistry Seminar: Speaker Craig Grimes, Penn State
Talk Title:’Self-assembled 1-D TiO2 Nanotube/Nanowire Arrays for Solar Energy Conversion Applications’
May 8
Members to meet and identify team members and refine concepts
May 15
Speaker: Siddarth Rajan & Roberto Myers, MSE     
May 22
Meeting Rescheduled     
May 29
Speaker: P.C. Hammel, E. Johnston-Halperin, T. Blue, F. Yang, W. Windl, & D. Pelekhov
Talk Title: “Radiation Hard Magnetoelectronics for Sensors and Logic”
June 5
Speaker: Jos Heremans, Yiying Wu, Len Brillson and Pat Woodward
Talk Title: “Semiconductor oxides for photocatalysis.”
June 12
Speaker: P. Berger, M. Chisholm, A. Epstein, L. Brillson, and A. Friedman

Winter 2009

January 23
Speaker: Steve Ringel, ECE, Physics, and MS&E
Talk Title: ‘Photovoltaics at OSU & Heterogeneous Integration of Compound Semiconductors with Si for Advanced Photovoltaics of the Near/Next Generation’
January 30
Speaker: Steve Harris, General Motors
Talk Title: “Batteries: Real World Issues and Problems”
February 6
Speaker: Wolfgang Windl, MS&E
Talk Title: “Mechanisms of Radiation Damage in Materials”
February 13
Speaker: Yiying Wu, Chemistry
Talk Title: “Batteries: Fundamentals and Opportunities”
February 20
Speaker: Dan Fleetwood, Vanderbilt University
Talk Title: “Radiation Effects in Materials”
February 27
No Meeting
March 6
Speaker: Jos Heremans, MEE
Talk Title: “Resonant levels, distortion of the electronic density of states and entropy of electrons”
March 13
Speaker: Paul Salvador, Carnegie Mellon University
Talk Subject: Photocatalysis 

Fall 2008

October 3
Speaker: Chris Hammel, Director
Talk Subject: Leadoff Meeting
October 10
Speaker: Chris Hammel, Physics and ECE
Talk Title: “Nanoscale Imaging in Buried Ferromagnets”
October 24
Speaker: Roberto Myers, MS&E and ECE     
October 31
Speaker: Steve Ringel, ECE, Physics, and MS&E
Talk Title: ‘Heterogeneous Integration of Compound Semiconductors with Si for Advanced Photovoltaics of the Near/Next Generation’
November 7
Speaker: Wolfgang Windl, MS&E
Talk Title: “DFT, EELS and Interfaces”
November 14
Speaker: Jos Heremans, MEE
Talk Title: “Materials for Energy and Waste Heat Recovery”
November 21
Speaker: Siddharth Rajan, MS&E
Talk Subject: Overview of Research: Nano-scale Semiconductor devices, Molecular Beam Epitaxy, and III-nitride Semiconductors
November 28
No Meeting  
December 5
Speaker: Jeffrey Sutton, MEE
Talk Title: “Combustion Research: A Brief Look at Some Hot Topics”

Spring 2008

March 28
Speaker: Chris Hammel, Dept. of Physics
Talk Subject: Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRC’s)
April 4
Speaker: Henk Verweij, Dept. of MSE
Talk Subject: Discussion Session on magnetic properties of granular materials (powders, (sintered) compacts)
April 11
EFRC Discussions     
April 18
Speaker: Jim Beatty, Dept. of Physics (Astroparticle)
Talk Subject: Astroparticle Detection Needs and Opportunities
April 25
Speaker: PVIC Graduate Students
Group Presentation
May 2
DOE EFRC discussion
Propose EFRC topics/teams
May 9
Speaker: David Cahen, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Talk Title: “Molecular Electronics: From Simple Alkyls to Proteins”
May 16
DOE EFRC discussion
Propose EFRC topics/teams
May 23
Speaker: J.-C. Zhao, Materials Science & Eng
Talk Subject: Overview of Research
May 30
Cancelled for MRSEC RSV Panel Review

Winter 2008

January 11
Speaker: S. Ringel, J. Volakis, Chris Hammel
Block Funding I: DOD MURI Program
January 18
No meeting
January 25
Hosted by IMR
Speaker: Henk Verweij
Talk Subject: NSF IGERT Forum
February 1
Facility Info
Speaker: Bob Davis
Talk Subject: Nanotech West
Speaker: Denis Pelekhov
Talk Subject: ENCOMM Nanosystems Lab
February 8
Speaker: Jos Heremans, Mech Eng
Talk Subject: New results: Breakthrough in thermoelectric materials
February 15
No Meeting
February 22
Speaker: Chris Hammel, Dept of Physics
Talk Title: “Spatially resolved FMR and iron filled carbon nanotubes”
February 29
Speaker: Gunjan Agarwal, Biomedical Eng
Talk Subject: Introduction to Research
March 7
No Meeting

Fall 2007

September 28
Kick Off Meeting     
October 5
No Meeting
October 12
Speaker: Susan Olesik,  Chemistry
Talk Title: “Carbon and Polymer Materials for Micro and Nanoscale Applications”
October 19
Speaker: Hendrik Verweij,   Matls Sci & Eng
Talk Title: “Inorganic Membranes: Promises and Challenges”
October 26
Speaker: Derek Hansford,   Biomedical Engineering
Talk Title: ‘Polymer-Ceramic Electro-Magnetic Composites for RF/Microwave Antennas and Circuits’
November 2
Speaker: Michael Poirier,   Physics
Talk Title: “Assembling, Pulling and Visualizing Biological Nanostructures”
November 9
Speaker: Prabir Dutta,  Chemistry
Talk Title: “Development of Harsh Environment NOx Sensors”
November 16
No Meeting       
November 30
No Meeting

Winter 2007

January 5
Organizational Meeting
Equipment Selection
January 12
Speaker: John W. Wilkins,   Physics
Talk Title: “Can You Trust Electronic Structure Calculations?”
January 19
No Meeting       
January 26
Speaker: Mohit Randeria,   Physics
Talk Title: “Theory of Scanning Tunneling and Photoemission Spectroscopies of Strongly Correlated Materials”
February 2
Interdisciplinary Research Group Meetings
February 9
Four IRG Mini-Presentations
February 16
Individual IRG Meetings
February 23
Individual IRG Meetings
March 2
No Meeting     
March 9
March Meeting APS–No Meeting     
March 16
No Meeting   

Spring 2007

March 23
Spring Break     
March 30
Talk Subject: Nanostructures IRG Presentation     
April 6
First Anniversary ENCOMM meeting/Reception for Deans     
April 13
Talk Subject: SPIN IRG Presentation     
April 20
Talk Subject: Oxides IRG Presentation     
April 27
Talk Subject: Organic/Inorganic IRG Presentation     
May 4
Organizational Meeting     
May 11
No Meeting            
May 25
Speaker: Wu Lu,  ECE
Talk Title: “Preliminary Results on Biosensing & Gas Chemical Sensing Based on III-Nitride Materials”
June 1
Speaker: Terry L. Gustafson,   Chemistry     
June 8
Dr. Andrew Stollenwerk,  SUNY-Albany
Talk Title: ‘Spin Transport and Structural Properties of Transition-Metal/Semiconductor Interfaces’

Fall 2006

September 22
Organizational Meeting
September 29
Speaker: Thomas Lemberger,   Physics
Talk Title: “Growth and Properties of Cuprate Superconducting Films”
October 6
Speaker: Zeke Johnston-Halperin   Physics
Talk Title: “Controlling structural, electronic, and magnetic properties at nanometer length scales”
October 13
Speaker: Pat Woodward,   Chemistry
Talk Title: “Multiferroic Materials: Chemical Design Principles”
October 20
Speaker: Paul R. Berger,   ECE & Physics
Talk Title: “Organic-based semiconductors and materials for quantum functional circuitry, flexible circuitry and foldable photovoltaics: their chemistry, physics, materials science and electrical engineering”
October 27
Speaker: Julia S. Meyer,   Physics
Talk Title: “Interaction effects in quasi-1d electron transport”
November 3
Speaker: R. Sooryakumar,   Physics
Talk Title: “Recent Advances in Magneto-Electronics”
November 17
Speaker: Steven Ringel,   ECE & Physics
Talk Title: “Quantified Detection of Deep Defect States in Wide Bandgap AlGaN and GaN with Nanometer Resolution”
December 1
Speaker: Joseph Heremans,   Mech Eng
Talk Title: “Thermomagnetic Transport in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes”
December 8
Organizational Meeting
December 19
Organizational Meeting

Spring 2006

March 31
Speaker: Chris Hammel,   Physics & ECE
Talk Title: “Understanding High Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging in a Ferromagnet”
April 7
Speaker: Yiying Wu,   Chemistry
Talk Title: “A general method towards complex metal oxide nanostructures and their photovoltaic applications”   
April 14
Speaker: Nandini Trivedi,   Physics
Talk Title: “Multifunctional Materials and Imaging: Insights from computer simulations”
April 21
Speaker: Jonathan Pelz,   Physics
Talk Title: “Measurement and modeling of nm-scale electronic properties at buried interfaces”
April 28
Speaker: Fengyuan Yang,   Physics
Talk Title: “Spin Transport in nanoscale metallic and semiconductor magnetoelectronic devices”
May 5
Speaker: Malcolm Chisholm,   Chemistry
Talk Title: “Control of Electronic Coupling Between Dinuclear Metal Centers: Molecular Rheostats and Switches”
May 12
Speaker: Jovica Badjic,   Chemistry
Talk Title: “Measurement and modeling of nm-scale electronic properties at buried interfaces”
May 19
Speaker: Nitin Padture,   Matls Sci & Eng
Talk Title: “Novel 1-D and 2-D Nanostructures of Functional Oxides”
June 2
Speaker: Leonard Brillson,   ECE & Physics
Talk Title: “Recent Advances in Spectroscopy of Electronic Materials Surfaces and Interfaces”

Winter 2006

January 27
Speaker: Rick McCreery,   Chemistry
Talk Title: “Bistable Molecular junctions as potential low volatility memory”
February 3
Speaker: James Coe,   Chemistry
Talk Title: “Surface Plasmons and the Extraordinary Infrared Transmission of Metallic Arrays with Subwavelength Holes”
February 10
Speaker: Arthur J. Epstein,   Physics
Talk Title: “Strong Effects of Weak Magnetic Fields in Organic Semiconductors”
February 24
Speaker: David G. Stroud,   Physics
Talk Title: “Introduction to Nanoplasmonics”
March 3
Speaker: Jay Gupta,   Physics
Talk Title: “Frontiers in spectroscopy with the scanning tunneling microscope”