Mentor Spotlights

The purpose of Mentor Spotlight is to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of our mentors.  Each week we will recognize one mentor who goes above and beyond.

November 4th, 2019

Trevor McDowell

Class Rank: Senior

Major(s)/Minor(s): GIS major with a Spanish minor.

Fun Fact: Trevor will be working at the JM Smucker Company, where he interned the past 3 summers, full time as a developer after graduating.

“Empower Mentoring, to me, is a way to give back and provide a resource for the students that I wish I had four years ago. It’s extremely rewarding getting to know the kids, learning how to connect with them, and conveying the importance of every lesson.”

October 21st, 2019

Jack Gearhiser

Class Rank: Sophomore

Major(s): Finance

Nominated For: Jack puts forth tremendous effort managing the financial components of our organization. Without him, none of this would be possible!

“This organization means a lot to me because I know I am making an impact on people’s lives. Being from the Columbus area I wanted to continue giving back to the community in some way and this club has given me that opportunity”

October 14th, 2019

Warren Lee

Class Rank: Fifth-Year Senior

Major(s): Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience

Nominated For: Warren has been a member of this organization since its very first class in 2015!

“Our impact on students is invaluable. The lessons we teach offer our mentees the tools to face some of life’s nagging challenges. I’m proud of the impact we’ve accomplished.”

September 30th, 2019

Josh Salas

Class Rank: Fifth-Year Senior

Major(s): Biology and Pre-Med

Nominated For: The time and effort he puts towards his mentees, thank you Josh!

“Empower mentoring allows me to positively impact my community by giving students a solid financial foundation through lessons on important subjects overlooked in the high school curriculum”

September 23rd, 2019

Anna Valerius

Class Rank: Sophomore

Major(s): Business, Spanish, and Consumer and Family Financial Services

Nominated For: Anna has been doing tremendous work in the classroom and her experience was key in her decision to switch majors!

“Empower has helped me fulfill my goal of ~empowering~ others to advocate for themselves by helping teens build a knowledge base to work from. College and more broadly, life is all about self-advocacy, and helping others learn how to advocate for themselves is the most important support you can give.”

September 16th, 2019

Matthew Leder

Class Rank: Sophomore

Major(s): Economics and Public Policy Analysis

Nominated For: The incredible work he has done as our Operations Chair during our transition to Empower Mentoring this year.

“I love mentoring, the impact that we have on students is remarkable.”

September 9th, 2019

Anna Defendiefer

Class Rank: Senior

Major(s): Economics and Public Policy Analysis

Nominated For: Extraordinary commitment and passion for our mission.

“To me, this club goes beyond teaching young people lessons about finance. While that’s incredibly valuable, I’ve found that forming a trusting and open mentor-mentee relationship benefits both sides that goes beyond what’s written on the lesson sheet.”