20-21 E-Board


Jack Gearhiser (gearhiser.6@osu.edu)

Hometown: Hilliard, Ohio

Year: Junior

Major(s)/Minor(s): Finance major with a minor in Data Analytics and Political Decision Making.

Why did you join Empower Mentoring? 

To make an impact on these students lives and to pass on knowledge I have received.

Vice President

Matthew Leder (leder.11@osu.edu) (He/Him/His)

Hometown: Hilliard, Ohio

Year: Junior

Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics and Public Policy Analysis

What do you enjoy the most about Empower Mentoring?

I enjoy forming relationships with both our mentors and students.  Empower Mentoring brings together diverse groups of people.  The dialogue I’ve had between students and mentors is invaluable and has truly helped me grow as an individual. 


Jacob Culp (culp.1091@osu.edu) (He/Him/His)

Hometown: Hilliard, Ohio

Year: Junior

Major(s)/Minor(s): Business Administration (Finance), Leadership 

What do you enjoy the most about Empower Mentoring?

My favorite thing about Empower Mentoring is the growth that I get to see with our mentees each year. I feel that the relationships that we build help to better the community of Columbus by educating our mentees and helping them to achieve their goals. My ultimate goal for this organization is to set up an annual scholarship fund to be available for one (or many) of our mentees once they graduate. 

Chief of Staff

Andrew Tweedy (tweedy.10@osu.edu)

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Year: Sophomore

Major(s)/Minor(s): Finance Major and Philosophy Minor

Why did you join the Empower Mentoring?

I joined Empower Mentoring in the autumn of my freshman year entirely by chance. I was wandering around the involvement fair on the Oval when I stumbled into our booth there. I was looking for volunteer groups that merged my personal interests, a community facing mindset, and a way to make a meaningful impact together. Once I learned about the work that this club did for the kids of Columbus, I was immediately hooked and have not looked back since.

Marketing Chair

Marissa Myers (myers.1948@osu.edu) (She/Her)

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Year: Junior

Major(s)/Minor(s): Marketing major, consumer sciences minor

What do you enjoy the most about Empower Mentoring?

I really enjoy being able to form connections with the students that we mentor. It is really interesting to hear their perspectives on the lessons that we teach them, and I love to see our students grow and make important decisions about their futures.

Operations Chair

Joshua Govine (govine.2@osu.edu) (He/Him)

Hometown: Hilliard, Ohio 

Year: Junior 

Major(s)/Minor(s): Finance major with a minor in design thinking. 

What do you enjoy the most about Empower Mentoring?

What I enjoy most about Empower mentoring is the impact we make in our community. I love having interactions with our mentees and working with fellow mentors. As much as we teach our students we learn just as much from them. Empower mentoring is a great way to challenge yourself as a student and individual!

Mentoring Chair

Kiara Hawkins (hawkins.697@osu.edu) (She/Her)

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio 

Year: Sophomore

Major(s)/Minor(s): Nursing 

Why did you join the Empower Mentoring? 

I joined Empower Mentoring because I too came from a Columbus City School; Marion Franklin. Coming into college showed me just how much our high schools lack at preparing us for the real world. Being in this club enables me to build relationships with students who come from a similar background as me; and shed light on all the resources available to CCS students. 

Recruitment Chair

Anna Valerius (valerius.9@osu.edu) (She/Hers)

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Year: Third Year

Major(s)/Minor(s): Finance, Spanish and Consumer and Family Financial Services.

What are your goals for the future of Empower Mentoring?  

My biggest goal within my role as recruitment chair is to make sure that mentors feel prepared to interact with their mentees to form empowering, everlasting and meaningful connections. I want to improve our recruitment practices so that we are making sure Empower mentoring holds ourselves accountable in our organizational operation.