The Ohio State University College of Social Work Research

Bridget Freisthler, PhD

Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development

Dr. Freisthler’s expertise is in studying how substance use affects parenting, particularly child abuse and neglect. Her research focuses on how drinking and drug use contexts (e.g., where a person drinks or uses drugs) affect abusive and neglectful parenting practices. She uses geographic information systems (GIS; mapping) to identify those contexts and to develop preventive interventions. She is particularly interested in how the substance use environment (e.g., alcohol outlet and medical marijuana dispensaries) is related to a variety of harms, such as child maltreatment. She is currently focusing efforts on reducing child maltreatment among families misusing opioids.

Jennifer Price Wolf, PhD, MSW, MPH

Associate Professor

Dr. Price Wolf is an Associate Professor in the Division of Social Work at San Jose State University as well as an Associate Research Scientist at the Prevention Research Center in Berkeley, California. Dr. Price Wolf studies how physical and social environments influence substance abuse and the well-being of children and families.

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