Harm Reduction Ohio partnership

The ECI program is excited to announce its partnership with Harm Reduction Ohio, a non-profit organization that supports drug policies based on science, health, compassion and human rights. HRO is the only layperson organization that is legally authorized to distribute naloxone in Ohio. For the duration of COVID-19 shutdowns, HRO is providing free naloxone across the state. The program will return to its normal distribution, aimed at people who use drugs and those directly in contact with them, once coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

HRO’s efforts are focused on mitigating negative impacts on people who are drug users. Some of their main objectives include reducing harm associated with drug use and policy, empowering people who use drugs to care for themselves and others, promoting health equity, educating about treating drug users without stigma, and ending criminalization of people who use drugs. The attached table and map includes information on Syringe Exchange Programs throughout Ohio, which overlap with some of the counties involved with ECI.

Visit the Harm Reduction Ohio website and click on the “Get Naloxone” page to order free naloxone.

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