Does Tart cherry juice help with sleep?

About 14% of young adults reported sleep difficulties (1)

There are many non medication strategies that can help improve sleep, and these have been discussed previously (2).

One study looked at tart cherry juice and its impact on sleep.

Why tart cherry juice?

Previous studies reported the positive effects of consumption of tart cherry juice on recovery in cyclists, soccer players, and marathoners (3,4,5). In addition, a study on healthy people reported that consumption of tart cherry juice can quickly promote sleep, cognition, and a decrease in the level of oxidative stress and training-related muscle damage (6,7).

Interestingly, tart cherry contains high concentrations of melatonin (8).  Melatonin is both a supplement and a substance created in the human body that helps to induce sleep (9,10).

Tart cherry juice has been shown to increase in the efficiency of objective sleep (11).

What was the study? (12)

22 participants were randomized to receive either 30 mls tart cherry juice or placebo given 5 times over 48 hours (12).

What was measured? (12)

Melatonin, stress hormone cortisol, and the quality of sleep after intermittent exhaustion exercise in female elite field hockey players (12).

What were the results? (12)

Tart cherry juice was found to improve sleep quality, but not affect changes in the levels of melatonin or the stress hormone, cortisol (12).

What are some caveats?

  • In my experience, some people may experience morning tiredness or vivid dreams.
  • This is a small study and further study is needed to verify the results.
  • Long term side effects are not known.
  • The benefit size may not be enough for everyone.
  • There are many factors impacting sleep and the combination of factors impacting any 1 person may not be the same as others, so the combination of strategies that work to help improve sleep may vary from person to person.

What are some helpful strategies for sleep?

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine suggests the following ways to improve sleep (13):

  • Keep a consistent sleep schedule.
  • Get up at the same time every day, even on weekends or during vacations.
  • Don’t go to bed unless you are sleepy.
  • Other strategies:

What are some helpful resources for sleep?

By Ryan S Patel DO, FAPA

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