OSU Identity with Photo Basics

The picture with the different exposure was taken from the top of the Thompson library. It shows the oval in two different lights. The overexposed copy gives it more of a friendly and welcoming feel as it gives the idea that it was really sunny that day. The underexposed copy makes it feel dark and gloomy and definitely not as welcoming of a place. One lighting makes people want to be there in that setting and the darker lighting does not have that appealing feel.

The picture of the stadium has two different temperature edits to it. Personally, I like the original picture the best as it feels more real but I do like warmer temperature pictures more than a cooler temperature. A warmer look to the picture makes it feel cozy and comforting while the cool colored edit to it makes it feel distant. Both completely change the feel of the photograph.

The shared collective identity at OSU means family to me. Everyone here has something in common and that something is such a big part of our lives. Being a buckeye is something that changes everyones’ lives. I chose these specific pictures because everyone part of this family and identity knows what the oval or the horseshoe is. Even if someone were to mention it off campus a Buckeye would know exactly what they were talking about.

The OSU community has made me realize that I can be whoever I want to be and still feel connected with everyone else and a part of a family. It has encouraged me to be more of who I am and inspired me to be outgoing and passionate about whatever I am individually interested in.