Amazon Website Critique

Amazon Website

Don’t get me wrong, I love Amazon. I think the whole idea of it is amazing- it offers pretty much anything and everything you can think of in all sorts of colors, sizes, brands. They are a great company but I think their website could be improved. I do like how the items you are shopping for are in an area with a lot of white space. That makes it very easy to see each option. However, all of the space around the items is very cluttered and busy. There are so many words, options, links, ads, tabs, and more. It is very overwhelming, especially to someone who is new to the site. While most of the information may be helpful, it is distracting and sometimes exhausting to look at. There are ratings of each item, a “customers who viewed this item also viewed…” section, a suggested items section, a sponsored links section and more. It is very easy to get lost on that website and hard to get back to something you found before you accidentally clicked on something else.

I think Amazon is a great company and because it is such a big company, I am sure that is why their website has so much content. There really is no way around it but their website could definitely have less stuff.

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