About Me

Emily Bethhauser Resume

Welcome to my website! I am a freshman at The Ohio State University. I am an Honors Fisher undergrad aspiring to major in Finance and Accounting and minor in Business Analytics. I have been passionate about business since my freshman year of high school when I took my first business class. This website is for my Digital Artmaking course. I am required to take an art credit for my major and I chose this specific course as I originally wanted to major in marketing and thought this class would be a great help. I took a Graphic Design course in high school and I absolutely loved it so I am very excited to see what this course brings!

I am from Germantown, Wisconsin about twenty minutes north of Milwaukee. I have one sister who luckily also happens to be my best friend. When I am not buried in school books, i love to go out and explore. I love going downtown and checking out different cities. I also enjoy hiking, kayaking, running, and finding different restaurants to eat at. I absolutely love shopping and buying new clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. I also travel at least two times a year so be sure to check out my Travels page!