Environmental Microbiology and Microbiome Science at Ohio State

The microbiome — the community of microbes that live within an environment or organism — is now recognized as driving Earth’s nutrient and energy transformations that fuel the planet, as well as causing innumerable diseases. OSU offers an emerging world-class hub for studying microbiomes with researchers studying microbial communities in diverse environments ranging from the oceans and soils and air to insect and animal and plant and human microbiomes. Their approaches are diverse, and research questions span the disciplines of ecology, evolution, informatics, ecosystems biology, and medicine.

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Microbial Communities Workshop – Dec. 5th, 2019

Workshop will be held from 9am-12pm in Jennings 355.

Please add the anticipated # attending from your lab here for planning purposes.


  • Who are we? Lab speed-talks:  Each PI will give a 4 minute overview of their lab, with big-picture Qs and key methods used, to build community knowledge of one another. There will be a prize for the best speed talk!
  • Campus Context: Description of IDI’s Microbial Communities Thematic Program & associated opportunities, followed by discussion of how IDI-MC and the eMicro groups are distinct.
  • Computational / Quantitative support: Building a quantitive / computational center to support our and others’ work. Lead: Igor Jouline
  • Web presence: Discussion of eMicro website.