Past Events

Conference Title: The Emergence of Number IOld Town from the Mountain Top

Date: June 12-16, 2017

Location: Inter University Centre, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Organizers: Richard Samuels, Stewart Shapiro, Eric Snyder

Details: This continues a series of summer conferences co-organized by OSU Philosophy in Dubrovnik. This year’s theme will be the Emergence of Number. The aim is to bring together a number of expert philosophers, linguists, and psychologists to discuss foundational, linguistic, and conceptual issues central to number and / or numbers. These include, for instance, the relative fundamentality of various foundational principles purporting to characterize different classes of numbers, the syntactic and semantic status of cardinality and other measurement-related expressions, and different theories of number concept acquisition. We hope …


Chris Barker (NYU, Linguistics)

Dubrovnik 2013 2Elizabeth Brannon (Penn, Psychology)

Julian Cole (SUNY Buffalo, Philosophy)

Geoffrey Hellman (Minnesota, Philosophy)

Thomas Hofweber (UNC, Philosophy)

Chris Kennedy (UChicago, Linguistics)

Teresa Kouri (OSU, Philosophy)

Manfred Krifka (Humbolt, Linguistics)

Fred Landman (Tel Aviv, Linguistics)

Øystein Linnebo (Oslo, Philosophy)Dubrovnik 2013 3

Fraser MacBride (Glasgow, Philosophy)

Friederike Moltmann (NYU, Philosophy)

Catarina Dutilh Novaes (Groningen, Philosophy)

Lance Rips (Northwestern, Psychology)

Susan Rothstein (Bar-Ilan, Linguistics)

Richard Samuels (OSU, Philosophy)

Greg Scontras (Stanford, Linguistics)

Dubrovnik 2013 1Stewart Shapiro (OSU, Philosophy)

Eric Snyder (OSU, Philosophy)