Module 7 Maintaining Motivation

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I am directing my post to current and future students. the most valuable thing that I’ve learned from module 7 is how to keep motivation. Finding a quiet place for studying is very important I prefer to study at the library because is it quiet or at home if my family at work so it is more quiet and more concentration. In module 7 slides says that we can find music or radio with low volume this is a good idea too, but I from the people who cannot concentrate even with low volume, I like it to be very quiet. ” Don’t be tempted to have a television that you can view from your desk, and turn off the phone”. This is from module 7 slides. This sentence is a very important one. phone and TV are the most distractions if my cell phone is near me while I am studying I will keep checking it very often and if the assignment should take an hour it will take two hours so it is not only a distraction, it is a time-waster. There is a self-control app that can be uploaded to mac only that can avoid distracting websites, I used it yesterday and I will probably continue using it. Forest app is also very motivating and helped me to stay focused and away from my phone and it is not only for apple users. After watching the video on youtube for build your motivation there are 5 tips on this video the most tips that I liked and actually tried and works for me is putting my thoughts on a paper even if I am using my laptop for writing I like to write my thoughts and brainstorm on a paper first it helps me a lot and keep me motivated. The other tip is clearing my space, to be honest, I didn’t know that there are apps for avoiding distractions, so I was clearing the space that I was studying at only keep my laptop and a notebook and this tip worked well for me.

Searching and Researching Blog Post (Module 6)

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I am directing my post to current and future students. The most interesting thing that I’ve learned from Module 6 is search Vs. Research. I didn’t ask my self before that there is a difference between them at all or even didn’t realize the difference. After reading module 6 I found that there is a huge difference between them. As in marc’s Article, the difference between them is “The “tradition” of search is a relatively new one—certainly less than a decade old.” and “The tradition of “research,” in a school or academic setting, is a long and important one, and was established precisely for the purpose of determining the “quality” of information.” From what I’ve learned that the Research method is based on the quality, reliability and utility of the information. In the research process, questions are very important they are defining exactly what I am looking for as a researcher. Narrowing a topic is one of the tools that is used in research in order to get specific and more detailed, researchers should narrow their topic and ask specific questions. Moreover, background reading is important as soon as you find the narrow topic questions start reading about what exactly you are looking for and for my self  I take some aside notes on each reading so I know where I go from. There is also a difference between regular question and research. A regular question is about right or wrong but research question there is no right or wrong. In research, Reliability is important which is a citation and also is the author information available and are the credentials of the author listed. quality of the information and how narrow and focus on a specific topic is. the utility is the last step you have to ask yourself if the information is related to your topic or not and if it is sufficient and appropriate to the audience or not.


Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies Blog Post. Module 5

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As usual, I will be directing my post to the current students and future students. The most important thing that I’ve learned from module 5 is an active listener and how to prepare yourself and your mind before the class. ” listen for the main ideas, try to anticipate what will come next, listen for structural patterns( for instance, the following seven steps.”), and then summarize what you have heard. Those strategies are by professors Ryan Watkins and Michael Corry. I liked the quote and how it explains the steps to be an active listener and to get the most out of the lecture. I also read the before, during and after class. which is what I want to get out of this lecture, what is the main idea of the lecture and how I will do better after this class. during class how to prepare my mind to focus and listen. Focusing on what is being said and focusing on the signals is very important in taking notes. after class revise the class notes and start to ask questions and list the terms and the concepts that have been taking in the class to be prepared for the midterm and final. taking notes as an active learner with different kind of formats. I found myself taking notes either writing or on my laptop by using the outline format which is making life easier for me and more organized which is placing the important ideas and under each important ideas the concepts of the idea and being numbered or using a special symbol to organize it.

Web Enhanced Reading and study Strategies Blog Post

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I am directing my post to students, I always prefer to direct my post to students because I feel they need more help than the professional audience. Module 4 is very helpful and includes a lot of tips about online readings, effective group study, working on one assignment. In each module, I learn new tips and tricks to be successful but the most useful things that I have learned from module 4 are on how to interact with my online reading, I don’t like to read but like everyone, one knows that reading is very important in order to succeed at school. Highlighting the important information as theories, conclusions, to add ons.. in the text are very helpful, highlighting will help us to come back and revise anytime. Margins to summarize key ideas is one of the useful tips too, developing diagrams to support my understanding is one of the tips that I have been already using it, I am a visual person and those diagrams or timeline helps me out. A group studying sometimes is successful and helps a lot there are rules for the group study, setting goals, setting criteria to participate, asking and answering questions will help the group study to be active and share information and be successful. Working on one assignment at a time, I don’t really like multitasking or doing multiple assignments at a time, but as I get busier sometimes I have to multitask. to avoid multitasking, I can plan my study time, set a timer to know how long I will study and how often I will take breaks. The most important point is closing all the web browsers while taking notes in class, which I exactly do the opposite sometimes I feel bored or work on an assignment during class which is not useful. Turn off the cell phone and email while writing a paper in order to concentrate on the paper itself. the last thing going back and forth between tasks will slow and waste time. Those tips that I have found the most useful out module 4 and I will use those tips to be successful.

Efficiency in the Digital Age Blog

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I am directing my post to the current students and the future students. The most useful things that I’ve learned in this module is tracking time. The tracking time on the google spreadsheet made me realize that I can use my free time on more useful things than Just watching Tv because after I finished the tracking time sheet I realized that sometimes I waste my time on things like binge watching on Netflix or Just laying on the couch and using Facebook, so I decided to change that after I saw that I am wasting a lot of time instead I will use it in reading, working out or meet with my family. The other thing that I’ve learned in Breaking large time while studying or doing any tasks because I realized if I am not breaking the large time I lose concentration and I don’t do the thing as I wanted to do it. As my day gets busier I add my goals for the day on the google calendar tasks which will remind me and also using alarm to alert me if the deadline is close those are also a very good methods that I’ve gained through Module 3 in Time management

Communicating and Collaborating Blog

My intended audiences are current or future students. In module 2 the points that have been discussed are what are the best practices on how to communicate and collaborate online with classmates like creating blogs through Carmen U.osu I didn’t know about it before, so I learned a new method to interact with my classmates online and I found very useful. Also tips about time management that I found useful too. I do well with time management but sometimes I don’t keep track of things and make me stressed with deadlines. common purposes of blogging are to generate awareness or to share information with my classmates or other students also it is used for business purposes. Use of technology tools to develop positive relationships it helps students to develop intrinsic motivation and help them collaborate together like using blogging, Carmen, google docs. My current time use management I use google calendar which is the best thing for me or my email calendar it alerts me whenever I have an upcoming assignment. sometimes it doesn’t work because I just stop the alert or the alarm and still waiting till the last moment so I can say that it is my weakest point right now, but after reading through module 2 it really helps me about tips for time management and also the google spreadsheet and tracking time through module 3 will help me develop my time.

ESEPSY-1159 Module 2 – Online Communication and Collaboration

Hello everyone,

After doing the assignments and especially after taking the quiz I found that I have a problem with time managing and also my huge problem is stressing before the deadline of the assignments even if I already submit it, I just feel that for some reason I am going to miss it. My intended audience will be current students or future students.

Time management from my opinion is a huge problem and everything depends on it. especially if someone is very busy and taking a lot of classes and having a job too. I really enjoyed the videos of module 2 and they are very helpful. Using Google calendar reminder with alerts or alarm is the best way to get alarmed before the deadlines. I have been using it for the past 2 years and I got this tip from my manager at work which helped me with time managing, but I still need to improve it.