This website was designed by the Ohio State University Department of Emergency Medicine for advising students pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine. These resources are tailored to OSU students but generally applicable to any student pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine.  Our faculty are always available to assist you in your advising needs.

Faculty Advisors: Nicholas Kman (Director LSI Part 3, Past President-CDEM), Michael Barrie (Clerkship Director), Cynthia Leung (Clinical Track Director, Advanced Topics in Emergency Medicine (ATEM) Director), Diane Gorgas (Director of Global Health), Dave Bahner (Ultrasound Director), Creagh Boulger (Ultrasound Fellowship Director), Dr. Dan Bachmann (Director of Advanced Competency in Emergency Preparedness, Military Match Advisor), and Daniel Martin (EM Vice Chair Education, EM/IM Residency Director).
Coordinator/Support Staff: Sharon Pfeil

Residency Directors: Sorabh Khandelwal (Categorical Residency Director, Past President-CDEM), Andy King (Assistant Program Director), Geremiha Emerson (Assistant Program Director) & Simiao Li-Sauerwine (Assistant Program Director).

Emergency Medicine Faculty at the 2017 OSUCOM Graduation. From Left: Dr. Dave Bahner, Dr. Nick Kman, Dr. Cindy Leung, Dr. Creagh Boulger, and Dr. Dan Bachmann