Resources That Have Helped Me

  • Your professors
    • When it comes to the material who is better to talk to then the person that will be designing the exams. It is their job to help you and asking them for clarification can only be helpful.
  • Other students
    • Do not be afraid to create study groups, or other forms of collaboration. There is always an opportunity that someone else understands the material better than you.

My Ideal Study Settings

I have found throughout my time at the Ohio State University that how way you study can drastically impact your ability to study. Below is a list of my favorite study habits.

  • Surround yourself in an environment that promotes studying while also discouraging slacking
    • My favorite building to study in is Prior Hall, I love the building because it is frequented by the medical staff and students. All of whom do not have time to dawdle in their work.
  • Disconnect your phone from the outside world.
    • My favorite technique is to study with a group and have everyone perform a “phone swap”. You may only get your phone back from someone if you explain why you need it.
  • Spend 30 minutes on a class and then cycle to a new one.
    • Rather than get bogged down with a 2 or three hour long session into just one class, take the time to study for your other classes, even if you have no work to do use it to refresh.

My 3 Greatest Takeaways from this class

  1. Do not focus on the big goal but instead break it down into smaller “bite size” portions.
    • smaller achievements allow for the opportunity to feel rewarded about completing them more often.
  2. Establish an easy to access calendar with a list of all your goals.
    • For me this is the trello board which I was able to set as my new homepage, now I cannot use the internet without first being reminded of my goals.
  3. Look at the material that will be covered at the beginning of the class/week/month.
    • This will allow you to determine how much time you will need to complete everything so that you are not swamped by the material hours before it is due.