Native Perennials for OSU Phenology Garden Network sites

Yes, we have more plants available — up to 5 flats– for your OSU Phenology Garden Network site! Phenology Garden sites are receiving first notice of this offer, going out to Extension offices today.

Thanks to a NIFA IPM grant for pollinator health and an amazing grower (Bob Filbrun at the OARDC Muck Crops branch), the OSU Bee Lab’s “Partners for Pollinators” project ( is able to provide native perennial plugs (3″ containers) for OSU pollinator-related research and demonstration projects. Do you have an existing pollinator/phenology display garden or research plot you’d like to expand? A new pollinator outreach project you’d like to develop? A citizen science monitoring effort, or another good public use of native perennial plants to help pollinators?

We have nearly two dozen species of native perennials available, including milkweed, aster, liatris, lobelia, rattlesnake master, wild bergamot, mountainmint and many more. You can mix flats at pick-up (most plants are in 4-packs, with 32 or 72 plants to a flat) to create garden diversity. We also have rooted cuttings of native shrubs, including staghorn sumac, buttonbush, dogwood and willow.

Each project request can receive up to 5 flats of plants. 

To request plants, please complete this form, including total number of flats requested and intended location and use. 

Flats must be picked up on June 28th between 11AM and 2PM at OARDC in Wooster near Thorne Hall (details will be e-mailed) by an OSU employee or affiliated (phenology) volunteer. Selection is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Plants can only be used for OSU (including OSU partner) pollinator educational, display or research projects: no home plantings, and no resale. Recipients agree to follow up with photos and brief use of site details for pollinator events, displays or programs. Quantities are limited, so make a request ASAP!

Thanks for helping the bees,


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