Shape Grammar

In both my physical and digital compositions, I focus on the principle balance that creates the feeling of wedged using squares and triangles.


A dream workspace of mine which is a 200 square foot constructed space that demonstrates volumetric forms in linear perspective.

2D to 3D Translation

Using a shape from assignment two as my plan view, I designed a 2D template which builds into a 3D form and explored using negative space within the same form.

Space and Time Walk

My map, “Web of Commitment,” leads you on a journey to spots I visited when I decided to commit to Ohio State University.

Patterning and Abstractions

Combining both my natural and synthetic abstractions to create a composition that focuses on the principles of rhythm and movement.


Exploring the construction of lettering, I use isometric drawing techniques to illustrate my made up word “Heepy.”


Using different mediums, I constructed a sketchbook based on my personal preferences.

Layering Space

I used paper layering techniques to emphasize and exaggerate a sense of depth and space that outline significant areas within Saint Louis.

Mask Up

I explore a masking/body augmentation form that is inspired by the made-up pandemic my partner and I call Lacrima Larva which means “tear mask” in latin.

Dynamic Pages

Using stop-motion animation and paper construction elements I emphasize the principle movement.

Chess Redesign

I redesigned the traditional chess pieces to fit the narrative of cowboys vs. aliens while still using the original rules, mechanics, and goals of the game.

Gifting Design

This gift is for my mentor, Sarah Torchia, which is designed based off of the information she gave me as well as an idea that I have come to understand as a fundamental about design.

Video Production

A video combined with clips and photos designed to tell a story about the organization Ladue Dance Marathon.